My Food Story

Well, you’ve heard all about everyone else’s food stories so I think it is about time I told mine!

Since a young age, I have been surrounded by good food. My mum is a keen baker who supplies the house with yummy cakes and bakes, and my dad who trained and worked as a chef in his younger years cooks the BEST Sunday lunches. I am from a family of five so healthy one pot wonders and wholesome comfort food filled my childhood and teenage years.

My own awareness and interest in the hospitality industry first began with a waitressing job aged seventeen at The Staunton Arms which was our local country pub. From dropping ice-cream sundaes to pulling pints and waitressing at the Staunton Charity Ball, my year and a half as a Staunton waitress transformed me from a shy teenager into a confident, sassy, and self-assured young adult. The laughs, friendships, and Kitchen ‘banter’ gained from Staunton will always stay with me as a fond memory.

Growing up, my family and I have always been fortunate enough to eat out at nice restaurants. From birthdays to weekend treats, dining out has always been something enjoyed by all the family. For us, eating out wasn’t just about the food, it was the experience of all being together and creating memories. Having a personal awareness of the hardwork, time and skill that flows into all aspects of hospitality, dining out has always been something I have appreciated greatly. The hard work and effort that comes from a full team working together to cook, create, and serve a delicious plate of food is the main reason behind my creation of this blog.

“I want to give a voice to the people hidden behind the doors of hospitality”.

At the moment, I am in my final year of university at York St John and with my dissertation underway, the end is in sight! Three years at university has been a rewarding experience which has given me a lifetime of memories. This year has been the busiest of them all and the pressure to find my first fulltime job as a Journalist is both daunting and exciting. However with the loving support from my family, my boyfriend and copious amounts of alcohol… the sky is well and truly the limit!

Unsure if by pure coincidence or by an interest in the industry, my boyfriend is a chef and works in a highly acclaimed York restaurant. The long hours at work, lack of food in the fridge, and desire to always be eating out at the latest (expensive!) restaurant could be seen as tough to some. But, through my new knowledge of fermentation, the hundreds of food videos watched, and the weekly updates on how I could improve my cooking, I would say it’s more than worth it. Having found someone who has such a passion for cooking and food is quite amazing. Coffees, to brunch, to casual lunches, to fine dining, we do it all. His kindness, intelligence, and humour has comforted me and made me laugh my way through this year. Both to him and everyone else in the industry, I think it’s about time someone lifted the lid on such a charismatic, hardworking, and committed industry of people to give them a place to share their stories, and give them their time to shine.

E x